What You Need To Know Before Growing Cannabis

If planning on growing cannabis there are three main questions you should ask

where? how? and what strain should I grow?
These are the questions that will determine your success.

In this article you will learn

how to secure your grow room

how to pick a great location for growing cannabis and what you will need form start to harvest..

Security/Location When Growing Cannabis

location is  a critical part of security to any grow operation.

You want a  residential  home  apartments are never a good choice when growing cannabis

you don't want nosy neighbors tipping off the boy's in blue of your  sweet medicinal buds growing in
your  humble abode even though its obvious you are growing cannabis legally and have a cannabis card

but regardless  apartments are more risky because odor seeping thru the walls or sounds of  fans or ballast alerting the neighbors of your garden.

You want to keep in mind who else can access your plants you want total control of the property you are using so if you are renting it is possible that your landlord can access your home or if growing outside access your backyard.

For the best possible control you want to own the location your growing cannabis that way you have total control grow-cannbis-securityif it has a wall as a fence even better for growing weed you want a grow house that has a long drive way somewhat secluded from neighbors a gate that can be locked is perfect.

Pick a part of the house that can be secured easily like a basement,attic or walk in closet a place where any guest don't usually walk thru but you can use a room in your house for growing cannabis too.


Just keep in mind that you will need adequate ventilation for indoor cannabis growing.

Another critical part of security is keep your growing activities to your self the less people know about it the safer your garden will be.

keep your mouth shut we can both agree when growing great buds you are proud and the first thing you want to do is let the world know but DON"T

I'm not saying that your buddy is going to turn you in or want to steal your weed but he might tell someone else or accidentally blurt something about you growing and before you know it the whole block knows about it trust me I seen it happen.

never leave any grow equipment in plain view

or dump any trimmings in your thrash can for the garbage man to find use stealth to unload anything that has to do with growing cannabis

  • own your location
  • you need a high wall or fence to keep people out
  • never grow in apartments
  • keep your garden to your self don't tell no one
  • never have your cannabis plants no where near a utility meter

Picking what to grow

Picking a strain of cannabis to grow is an important part of growing cannabis there are some strains of cannabis that are easier to grow than others and some will yield a bigger harvest as well as more potent so choosing the right cannabis strain for your level of experience is critical.

When selecting a cannabis plant togrowing-cannabis-strains grow you want to look for a resilient/easy to grow strain that yields a potent abundant harvest.

There are several strains with these quality  cannabis seeds  or clones can be purchased at your local cannabis club but  the bad thing about that is

there is no way of knowing you got  the strain they say it is because the cannabis clubs usually get there plants and medicine from local growers which can lie about the strain.

I'm not saying that all cannabis clubs  are a bad choice for getting strains but some have a more meticulous selective process than others.

For me the best way to get the strain I want is  buy cannabis seeds thru a reputable seed company with professional breeders assures you are getting great genes.

let's look at a couple of  strains.

Indica Strains


  • Purple Budpurple-bud- is feminized and seeds will only produce females
  • High Potency and a heavy yielded requires extra care to reach potential
  •   florwering time 50-65 days
  • 75% indica hybrid
  • is easy to grow indoors even for begginers/outdoor will thrive in a warm climate


  • Super Skunk- feminized weed seedsuper-skunk-cannabis-plant
  • dependable super potent,super vigorous,super smelly strain
  • a cannabis cup winner
  • moderate experience level to grow
  • big crystalline buds
  • great for indoors 45-50 days flowering 80% indica hybrid


  • northern-lights-cannabis-growingNorthern Lights- non feminized compact and a heavy yielded
  • cannabis cup winner
  • flowering 45-50 days 90% indica
  • easy to grow potent buds with a honey hazed aroma
  • world renowned bud which is been around since the 80's
  • low odor and one of the strongest pure indicas in the world

Sativa Strains

  • jack-herer-cannabis-cupJack Herer- non feminized high plant with a heavy yield
  • the most cannabis cup wins of any strain
  • super cerebral high with hard hitting body buzz
  • flowering is 50-70 days but much worth the wait
  • moderate grow experience
  • 50% sativa 50% indica


  • white-diesel-haze-growing-cannabis-plantWhite Diesel Haze- is feminized auto flowering average height
  • heavy yield with a flowering stage of 50-65 days
  • soaring high with a grapefruit,lemon taste
  • heavy coated buds and shorter plants than the non-auto great for small gardens
  • 70% sativa 30% indica


  • durban-cannabis-seedsDurban- non feminized has great yield and is dependable with uniform budding
  • flowering 50-70 days
  • mind blowing high will leave you in the clouds
  • can with stand heat and still produce sticky buds great for outdoor
  • easy to grow

How to do your cannabis growing

the last thing you should know before growing cannabis is how are you going to grow it 

Really plan it out you don't want to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars in cannabis growing equipment and not even know how to feed your cannabis plant or know what the essentials of a good grow room is

Keep in mind that the amount of light,space between cannabis plants,nutrient quantity,air quality(co2), and other important conditions equal a bountiful harvest

If you have not prepared your self with knowledge of detailed step by step  plan for growing cannabis I suggest you get yourself a cannabis grow guide there are a lot to choose from.

There are a lot of questions to think about when you are planning how to grow ... indoor? outdoor? hydro? soil?

where will I do my cloning or vegetative cycle?

when growing cannabis indoors there should be three sections and  all walls should be white to reflect light to your cannabis plant 

seedling/cloning section- this section can be a room by its self or part of a division done in one room or all you need is a corner in your vegetation section depending on the scale you are growing cannabis

this section not much is needed for  a basic layout all you need is couple of  shelves  to place humidity dome trays in,heat pads to keep them warm and couple of t5 florescent

the cloning section doesn't have to be blocked from the vegetative section since the same light cycle works for both

vegetative section- for this section you will need HID lights Metal halide would be the best choice with ballast,containers,humidifiers,nutrients,monitors,fans,minerals,and charcoal filter,timers etc

Flowering section-For this section you will need HID light  HPS bulb with ballast  would be the optimum,containers, humidifiers,timers,nutrients,minerals,fans,and charcoal filter,and monitors

This section  of your cannabis growing operation should be blocked off completely with no light leaking in the section because you will need complete darkness.

Hydro vs Soil

growing cannabis in soil or hydro both have their pros and cons. Both should be considered you want to see which one  is better for your needs and experience level.


Growing Cannabis In Soil

  •  less equipment needed
  • Growing cannabis in soil is will allow more mistakes than hydro
  • Growers say that soil grown buds have a better taste to them
  • Better for less attentive growers/beginners

Growing Cannabis In Hydro System

  • More nutrients can be given to cannabis plants
  • less mess than with soil
  • Flowering periods can be shorten by two weeks (more buds faster)
  • more uniform bud formation
  • plants grow stronger and fast
  • more abundant yields if given the right nutrients


Growing cannabis in soil

  • More mess/clean up
  • Problems are slower to become evident and slower to fix
  • More expensive than hydro in the end
  • their less nutrients available for plants
  • It takes up more space
  • diseases and fungus that are soil born

Growing Cannabis In Hydro System

  • Start up is a bit more expensive
  • grower needs to be more attentive
  • taste is not the same as the soil
  • sanitizing equipment


Now that you know the three basic Questions need to be successful in your cannabis growing project

WE can AGREE that there much to learn about growing cannabis.If you want to learn more checkout  my article

Make Your Cannabis Plant Grow Happy

to learn more about what your plants will need to thrive

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