What You Need To Know About White Widow Cannabis

The origins of White Widow Cannabis was first traced back to the early 90's and was wide spread over the world.

White widow cannabis first had a stable hybrid version thanks to Netherlands breeders. This hybrid is white-widow-planta cross of an abundant resin producing South Indian Indica and a Brazilian sativa Landrace cannabis plant.

The demand for White Widow marijuana grew rapidly as enthusiast and patients wanted  this strain in their local cannabis club or Amsterdam coffee shop.

The popularity of the white widow strain grew even was mentioned in various tv shows and in popular music by the late 90's the white widow was a well known name for any respectable stoner in that time even when I smoked my first bowl of white widow weed in 2004 I could not get over the bright white glossy thc trichomes blanketing the bud like if it were rolled over some freshly fallen snow and with its nice danky aroma I knew I would be somewhere in the ceiling after smoking it. I've heard that the first cannabis seed bank to produce White Widow seeds were  Green House Seeds but can't really know for sure.

Cannabis Seeds

The life cycle of White Widow in the flowering stage is about 50-60 days  this cannabis plant is great for beginners to perfect there techniques because of its easily cloned and very resilient.

The  hieght is average of the white widow but  has attracted many that are growing cannabis with its pungent earthy aroma and nugs covered in white crystals it makes for attractive bag appeal. wide widow is great when grown indoors in a sea of green method placed in flowering after  it reaches 12 to 14 inches if cloned if notmarijuana-cannabis-sex then you would have to wait until the white widow cannabis plant has reached maturity and has shown its sex  look for two pistils for a female and a pollen sack for a male.

If your are growing cannabis and want to grow white widow strain it is best to get a seed then clone it that way the mother plant will keep its vigor longer.

I'm sure you can find white widow seeds in your local cannabis club or dutch coffee shop if you don't live nowhere near none these and want to get your hands on this strain

you can try any cannabis seed bank I know for sure that sensi seed carries white widow strain and will ship to a variety of countries. It is best if grown in a  warm  and sunny climate where they have long summers if growing outdoor.

White widow cannabis can yield amazing harvest when given great attention to detail and given optimal nutrients. I've seen growers get to 2 lbs of medicinal weed per 1000 watt lamps in a hydroponic setup which is amazing yields..

The effects of White Widow cannabis are very stoney with a soaring high that creeps up on you after taking a couple of bong rips you will be gone somewhere in the ozone. The smoke  taste real earthy, smooth but expands quickly for a good cough.

The effects are a euphoric state with a uplifting feel great for conversation, creative project or going for a long walk in nature.

Both the indica and sativa effects are present with a 35% sativa to 65% indica but you be the judge.

the white widow strain is very medicinal good for pain,anxiety,depression,nausea and loss of appetite great addition for any medical cannabis club.

The thc content on average is 13% to 20% some people say no it can't be that white widow cannabis tested 20% for thc but even just looking at the weed covered in so many white crystals that you cant's see the green bud I believe its possible if grown with optimum care.

Overall about white widow cannabis  it is a great strain very stony good taste and high levels of thc if grown properly as you can see form the video above.

White widow strain is good for any experience level when it comes to growing cannabis  because it is strong and uniformed  plant with good yields with a short flowering cycle of 50-60 days very resilient so it makes it a breeze to clone.

does well with helping stress, anxiety,nausea,pain etc. easy to get a good source could be found in most cannabis clubs and dutch coffee shops. easy to find a reliable cannabis seed bank  where you can be sure you are getting the genetics you want.

Its been tried and tested for years and at one time was one of the most famous strains in the world you can't go wrong with that.

  • THC- 13%-22%
  • Flowering- 50-60 days
  • Effects- uplifting,soaring,creativity,
  • Medicinal- pain,nausea,depression,anxiety
  • Accessibility- find in any cannabis club,coffe shop, cannabis seed bank
  • Cloning-  very easy almost an auto cloner

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