The Truth Of Hydroponic Nutrients For Cannabis Reaveled

When going to a hydroponic store the same question goes thru everyone's mind is which brand of nutrients is best for my cannabis plants. Well in the this video you will finally get the truth about hydroponic nutrients.
The grow boss from will breakdown the mystery around nutrients. Exposing the truth about all the different brands of hydroponic nutrients.


if you are a beginner then these lessons will save some money and frustration of not knowing how to properly feed your plants with out burning them or any nutrient  deficiencies

It is basically hydroponics nutrients diy on how the feed plants with proper ppm levels. The grow boss will let you know why not to follow the feeding instructions on the bottle so check this video out.

well what did you think about the video I bet you learned lots of vital grower knowledge but there is still lots to learn checkout the second video below for the next episode

Concentration & Quality Ep.2

in this episode the Grow Boss goes over all the conditions that move into creating the PPM call. like however long is your veg, however massive is that the bucket does one have to be compelled to transplant throughout veg and eventually what proportion light-weight does one have? everything you wish to grasp before feeding


Mixing Marijuana Nutrients Every Week Feed Chartg Veg & Flower EP.3

In this episode watch The Grow Boss combine nutrients from each Humboldt Nutrient Feed Chart for all 12-weeks. 4-Weeks Veg and 8-weeks flower. open the bottles, combine and pour the nutrients and live and take a look at and track everything

Marijuana Nutrients Hydro Vs. Media EP.4

in this episode of the reality regarding Nutrients the Grow Boss explains everything you wish to understand regarding mixture nutrients for Veg & Hydro and also the variations between them and also the truth can shock you. unless you're already a Grow Boss fan- as a result of you guys already understand.

Cannabis Nutrients- Using Additives & Supplements EP.5

In episode #5 the Grow Boss mixes and discusses the distinction between supplements and additives and once and the way to use them. Is it an extended episode at 30min? affirmative. then again there's plenty of data you wish to understand. thus keep focused and watch the series

Calculating The Perfect PPM Week By Week EP 6 of 6

this is the episode that puts it all at once and shows you ways to calculate the proper ppm week by week. there's even data in here concerning doing flushes and the way to grow the proper most best bud ever