You have probably heard about waterpipes being used to smoke cannabis, you’ve probably seen them being used. But do you have any idea just how effective using a water pipe actually is? I mean, sure, they look and sound super awesome when in use but there is a lot more going on that meets the eye. There are a few really strong reasons why so many stoners utilize bongs and bubblers and here is why.

How water pipes reduce carcinogens

This is the biggest benefit to using a bong or bubbler, and what a benefit it is! This is a big reason to purchase a water pipe. As the smoke travels through it meets a large pool of water where it is thoroughly filtered, removing loads of tars and bad bits within the smoke. You will see evidence of this happening pretty quickly as the water turns a nasty brown colour and stinks to high heaven. You also see evidence of this around the walls of the water pipe, they slowly become stained with tars. Whilst unsightly it is living proof of the work these achieve.

Carcinogens aside, there is still another great advantage for your health. The water will cool the smoke down for you, plus the open breeze of the smoke travelling through will do the same. Inhaling smoke is never good for you, but at least this way the smoke is far cooler, which is much less damaging for you.

Where can I buy a water pipe

You can buy water pipes at smokersplaza with all the convienance of online shopping and stealth delivery. With one of the biggest ranges of waterpipes I’m confident you will find something that takes your fancy. The great thing about shopping at SmokersPlaza is that you can pick up every kind of smoking gadget you could possibly need, they stock a lot of really cool stuff.

There are so many different water pipes for sale, which do I pick!

Relax! There is plenty of jargon but do not let it concern you. They all do the same thing but come in different shapes with fancy additions. The only thing to look for is a nice sized water chamber, that way you fit more water in and get the better benefits of filtration.

So now you’ve had a little introduction to the water pipe and understand the way they function on a deeper level. When you consider all of the percs of using one it only makes sense to switch the way you smoke.