Super Skunk Cannabis #1 Strain Father Of All Hybrids

A cross between Colombian Sativa, Mexican sativa and Afghani Indica Gives Skunk Cannabis a super strain skunk #1status  well known by growers as well as smoker. Its perfect levels of effects 50% body 50% mind high with its strong skunk smell  makes super skunk #1 cannabis a favorite in the cannabis community.

Skunk #1 is a stable breeder strain

It can be found in lots of other well known strains like UK Cheese,Jack Herer,Grape Ape  and plenty more. it is a good strain to experiment on breeding your own strains.


Skunk Cannabis has passed the test of time since the 1970s

Skunk weed was first seen in california breed by sam "the skunkman" or also known  as Dave Watson. It is
the first commercially breed cannabis plant strain by a dutch seed company. Skunk #1 can still be found in Sensi Seeds  and can be shipped discreetly anywhere in the world.

Skunk 1 is loved by Growers

It's a stable uniform performing disease and pest resisting cannabis strain which is great for beginners  learning the basics as well as seasoned growers growing multiple plants in small grow rooms. Its well known for its large potent yields if grown in optimum conditions it will grow with a strong stalk to support a heavy harvest some growers  have reported 1.5 grams per watt of green buds

Notorious potency

These cannabis buds pack a punch and the sativa influence in the  skunk weed  effects are great gives you a powerful stone and high. The potency in skunk 1 is so infamous that any potent cannabis is often referred to as skunk. The effects are a fast acting flying high with a full body high which is great for anybody suffering from chronic pain. Skunk can have a relaxed uplifting euphoric feel.

Portable Vaporizers

Stoney Side Effects Can Be Overwhelming For  Beginners

By taking one bong hit to many  rookie smokers have had a paranoiac anxious trip on top of that heavy dry mouth and dizziness of course nothing that a good tall glass of water wouldn't cure so remember to keep your friends hydrated while smoking skunk #1

Sativa Dominant That Grows Like Indica

This cannabis skunk plant grows short reaching a bit more height than a pure indica strain but grow cycles are identical  with dark green leaves and thick strong stems to support the tremendous yields this strain can produce if properly grown. the sativa in skunk #1 cannabis will boost its bud growth in all directions during the last couple of weeks in the flowering stage it is recommended to harvest when THC is at its peak. You can use a jewelers loop to take a good look at the THC  glands if most of the THC glands are milky cloudy white they are at peak and ready to harvest.

Most growers recommend a 55-60 day flowering for peak THC production

Skunk #1 has a 45-50 day flowering stage that the seed companies put on the instructions but most growers  advise to wait a week or more to harvest just to let it reach its full potential of thc production.

Great for outdoor grows

skunk cannabis strains are  great for outdoor grows because of its resistant nature it can with stand long hot summer days,skunk #1 to super skunk strains will thrive warm climates.


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