Sour Diesel Strain Review

Sour Diesel is a mixed strain of Cannabis Sativa . It is know for its inspiring effect and its strong smell .
It is one of the most popular Sativa strains .As it is derived from Sativa it is normal to expect that Sour Diesel will predominantly effect the mind .
Some of the other names for this strain is “Sour D” or “Sour Deez “.It has a 90:10 sativa/indica split .

Where did it come from and what does the Sour Diesel plant look like ?

There are a few theories .Some people say it is a cross with Chem-dog and in particular Mexican sativa and a Chem-dog phenotype .Others think that its a mixture of the original Diesel and an unknown Skunk phenotype .Whatever the origin it has become extremely popular giving a clear headed energetic high .

The actual plant is a tall one with and tends towards numerous bud growths when mature .It does not yield as well as the original Diesel but it is still above average.It stretch’s to more than double its original height when it is flowering .

Sour Diesel Aroma

It is very strong smelling and is often described as a bouquet of Fuel – Skunk .Its aroma will often leak through jars and bags .The sharpness gets even stronger when it is broken up .A stronger citrus smell also becomes dominant .

Sour Diesel Flavor

This is best described as a kind of skunky citrus smell which tends to give way to a minty lime spice .The smoke is expansive and may bring on coughing with larger hits.
The Sour Diesel strain is quite Sativa dominant but the Indica effect often comes through particularly if drawn from a late flowering plant .

Sour Diesel Characteristics

Sour Diesel has a High THC content .You can look forward to a high unlike any other .The Sour Diesel strain hits the eyes immediately fills them with pressure and energy.
You can expect an energetic mental high that realizes high creativity .It is fast acting and often a numbing quality is experienced .
Sour Diesel often helps with nerve issues, appetite and assists with sleep during the “crash”phase . It is very popular with medical patients and is strongly recommended for depression .
It has an uplifting head high which helps to minimize sadness and relaxes your mind.

It is likely that as more and more people explore using marijuana for medical uses the Sour Diesel will become increasingly popular


If used in lower doses Sour Diesel it doesn’t appear to have a peaking period . The full effects are felt by smokers immediately. If smoked at higher doses there is a 8-10 minute peaking period.The high then usually lasts about 2 and half hours.If smokers are beginners the high may last as long as four hours.

Are there negative effects to using Sour Diesel ?

The negative effects seem to center around a dry mouth and eyes.Sometimes smokers experience a mild paranoia .Women do experience nausea more than men .

The Sour Diesel flavored cannabis will have you smiling pretty quickly . Its quick effect and limited side effects have made this strain very popular with smokers .