How To Make Cannabis Butter

I'm sure you will AGREE The first thing you hear when talking about medicinal cannabis edibles is cannabis butter.

Let's talk a little bit about edibles  before I teach how to make cannabis butter.

They are any form of consumable THC

extracted and made to food there is lots of  options  out there ranging from space cakes to cannabis ice cream.

ready to use cannabis butter

The effects of consuming cannabis edibles are more powerful than smoking some say even psychedelic  in other words it will  knock you on your ass so drink lots of water.

It is best if you consume edibles in small doses every 30 minutes until you reach the high you want because it takes 30-50 minutes for the effects to hit you.

What is cannabis butter?  its ordinary butter infused with THC and cannabinoids from the cannabis plant.

the fat from the butter absorbs or extracts the THC from cannabis plant material and the color as you can see from the image above its nice and green after it is ready now  you can use for any recipe that you would like even frying up some breakfast eggs for a good morning wake and bake.

Making cannabis butter is not hard at all and is Ideal for anyone growing cannabis because you can use the trimmings and popcorn buds for any cannabis butter recipe.

Of course if your are going to be growing cannabis  its recommended that you do it legally  get a medical cannabis card if you live in a state that gives you the option to do so like in california  which was the pioneer for this massive explosion of the cannabis culture but now we got colorado leading the way in the cannabis culture now that they legalized cannabis not to sure about growing laws..

variety of cannabis ediblesBaking with cannabis butter is easy you just substitute cannabis butter into the recipe of any cake mix or brownie if you want a tasty edible then you should put the same amount of cannabis butter as the recipe ask's  for or if you don't care  about the consistency or the taste  and just want it to be potent then use your best judgement .

Remember you should eat cannabis edibles with caution. in small portions and wait 30-40 minutes before having more just to see if you need more to be at the level that you want that way you have a joyful experience and not a bad trip.

Before making any recipe for cannabis butter there is a critical step that you must take to take your medical cannabis butter recipe and turn it in to the most potent recipe people usually ask which is the best cannabis butter recipe the truth is they are all the same process but if you don't do this step the cannabis plant material trimmings or buds are not going to reach the best psychoactive state like when you smoke it or vape it.

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The process to make your cannabis butter rezept  the best is called Decarboxylation : is a chemical reaction that removes a carbon atom from a carbon chain  by doing this to your plant material you activate the psychoactive elements in your buds

When the raw cannabis is not heated up  the cannabis has lots of TCHA and in this state it is not psychoactive and will not be as potent as when heated like in  the process of smoking or vaping.

Decarboxylation is done by heating cannabis in a low temperature keeping most of the terpenes which will boost the medicinal aptitude of the strain you're using in your cannabis butter recipe those terpenes help will help boost your focus and awareness also relieve stress not to mention keeps taste. you should never heat the bud more than 310 degrees Fahrenheit because the terpenes  can not survive with higher temperatures. It is recommended that you use this critical step to make all medical cannabis butter recipes or any cannabis cooking even if your just going to sprinkle some buds on your slice of pizza.


What you will need for decarboxylation process :


  1. oven safe dish( with lid is best)
  2. cannabis plant material(trimmings,buds,shake)
  3. conventional ovens
  4. scissors or knife
  5. bowl
  6. cutting board

What you want to do first for this cannabis butter recipe is prepare the cannabis plant material for decarboxlation.   what you do is carefully cut up  the cannabis coarsely not to much because you will damage the thc trichomes do not handle the buds more than needed put the cannabis in the oven safe container with lid and set aside .

Next  preheat oven to 240 degrees Fahrenheit once its ready place medical cannabis in the oven and leave it for 30 minutes with disturbing it. After the 30 minutes  have passed remove cannabis from oven without opening the lid so the vapor comes back to the buds  place container on counter and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes.

Next  move cannabis to an air tight container until your ready to make the cannabis butter.  your are all done with decarboxylation process and are ready for the cannabis butter rezept step 2. watch the video below for more reference on decarboxylation


Cannabis Butter Recipe

what you will need 

  1. strainer
  2. cheese cloth
  3. 1 oz cannabis(decarboxylated)
  4. scale
  5. measuring cup
  6. stove top dish(pot)
  7. 4 cups water
  8. 1 lb butter
  9. weed grinder or coffee grinder
  10. bowl

First thing you want to do is weigh 1 oz of your decarboxylated medicinal cannabis and start to grind it I  use cannabutter-poured-in-strainera ordinary coffee grinder and give it about 2 or 3 pulses you want your cannabis ground but not powder using a joint grinder would probably be best but it is real time consuming after you have prepared the cannabis set aside.

Now pour 4 cups of water and the 1 lb of butter into your stove top dish place over low heat all you want to do is melt butter so you want very low heat( do not let it  boil ). Once your butter has melted pour your cannabis in and mix it in the butter till it is soaked  and let it simmer for 3 hours on very low heat

remember  don't boil  mix it every 40 minutes.

When the 3 hours have passed  remove from heat  place strainer over bowl and cheese cloth inside strainer to make sure that cannabis stays in cheese cloth and does not reached finished cannabis butter squeezing-all-cannabis-butter-from-cheese-clothafter you have poured melted butter through strainer squeeze out all butter left in the cheese cloth to maker sure you got all the good stuff out of the left over cannabis.

Now place bowl in fridge for 24 hours or until it is completely solid.

After it is solid remove the extra water that was left which should be easy to do because all the water will rise to top of bowl completely separate from water .

The water should be discarded don't worry there is no thc in the water because thc is oil based and cannot mix with water so it is safe to throw away all the medicine stays in the cannabis butter

there is a video below if you need visual reference hope this article was useful and you enjoyed it

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