How To Get A Medical Cannabis Card Secure And Easy

I know we can agree that There are  lots of places where you can get a medical cannabis card evaluation I'm medical-cannabis-card-evaluationgoing to go over a couple  of the ways you can get your cannabis card and the fastest and safest ways you can do it without being the victim of fraud.

With the marijuana business booming a lot of evaluation centers have opened for   business  that offer medical marijuana recommendations some more sketchy than others but there are some that have a more professional feel to them.

There are lots of cases where medical marijuana evaluations centers have been committing fraud by not having a doctor onsite or have a doctor with a suspend or expired physician license which makes the medical cannabis card invalid and could throw you into lots of legal problems.

The California law clearly states  that all recommendations are only legal if the physician has renewed or has a current valid license and the clinic where patients are being seen has a current fictitious name permit.

So you want to do some research on the doctor before paying for an invalid recommendation in all evaluation center they must give you the name of the doctor so simply ask  when calling to schedule an appointment and look the doctor up in the California Medical Board to see if he still has a valid practice license. You also want to make sure that the the fictitious name permit is current to make sure your California medical cannabis card is legal your can check the status of that in link above.

Stay away form medical cannabis card evaluation centers next door to medical marijuana  dispensaries because in California this is illegal and it will invalidate your cannabis card 

dont-go-to-wrong-evaluation-center there has been cases where medical marijuana recommendation  doctors have got raided  because the California medical board launched a investigation on the doctor for operating the clinic with an expired license. Which leads with the cops shutting down the business and invalidating  any recommendations given during the time frame that the clinic was operating illegally  they will revoke cannabis card  with out notice  that is why you have to be careful what recommendation clinic you go to  you don't want to get prosecuted for having pot or growing medical cannabis plants that you thought were protected by prop 215 but your rec was revoked without notice to you that would suck.   "do your research on the doctor and clinic"

Medical cannabis clubs are required to check the status of the recommendations and status of the doctor who has signed their patients cannabis card before any medical cannabis can be given to its members. Not only to protect the cannabis dispensaries but to protect their patients from fraud.

It is your legal duty to protect yourself from this type of fraud and from illegally growing or possessing medical  cannabis so I'm going to show you a couple of things you should look for when researching the recommendation center and doctor your are thinking of going to for your medical cannabis card.

when researching the doctor go to  California Medical Board  website and type in the doctors name  it should show their name and license number if it does then click on name and then it will say the status of license

  • if the the doctors license is current or renewed then  it should show their name and license number if it does then it is legal practice
  • if nothing shows up then it is illegal and you should not purchase a rec there because it will not be valid

then you should research the name of the clinic fictitious name permit  in the same website just search by organization just search the same name of the clinic and it should  pop up then click on the name  to see the status ( some may have multiple permits so click on all to see status some might be expired but others current) .

  • if the fictitious name permit status is renewed or current your good to go and it is legal
  • if  the same name you searched for does not appear or the permit is not renewed or current then it is illegal

Any clinic violating these two things will be investigated and prosecuted and you don't want to be wastingmedicalmarijuanacardvalid your money just to get your cannabis card revoked so find a new clinic.

If your not seen or consulted by a actual doctor onsite then that recommendation is invalid and the clinic is illegal beware of that

what you will need to obtain your medical cannabis card

  • a valid drivers licence or state id (does not matter from what state)
  • any medical history or condition that offers relief with the use of marijuana

it is in your interest to you to show proof of your condition so you can assure you will be approved but even a bottle of any prescription bottle will work since your are applying to choose marijuana as an alternative medicine.

In my personal experience I have gone with no proof at all and have walked out with a recommendation I just filled out all the paper work properly but  I was  a valid marijuana patient 1 year before I applied again.

How to get a cannabis card

Pricing in a recommendation clinic can range from $45 to $90  depending on the options they will charge $20 or so for a laminated wallet card or picture id card which is convenient but not necessary since you can make it your self all you need is to make a smaller copy of the recommendation number and your name etc. (see image above)

The best, easiest ,and least expensive way to get a medical cannabis card is online it is 100% legal  and the cost is around $39 but they offer different packages just browse around for the one that is best suited for your needs. the same research can be done with online clinics. In online medical cannabis clinics the consultation is done through a webcam so you have the one on one with the doctor which validates your recommendation.... you still fill out the same paper work that you fill out in a regular medical marijuana recommendation center but its super convenient from your home  and no long waiting room stays.


here are more some more online  cannabis card recommendation websites check them out don't forget to research  and share and like this post