How To Flush Your Weed Before Harvest To Get Tasty Cannabis Buds

I know we can agree that having a good looking green bud is not enough, any real pot smoker knows that with out tasty cannabis buds you have nothing. When I started growing cannabis about 12 years ago in my bedroom closet grow room I struggled with one problem every time I harvested  my buds  they were beautiful nice smelly green crystalline nugs but, when I took my first puff it look like fire work show going off pops and sparks every where.

The taste was harsh and the potency was not there on top of there was a pounding headache from the smoke. I knew then and there that I was missing a critical steps in  harvesting cannabis which we are going to go over in this article step By step so, you won't have to struggle with unsavory cannabis buds.

Why Flush My Cannabis Plant Before Harvesting?

purple cannabis buds on plateThe critical step of flushing cannabis or the leaching process is the step in the harvest life cycle that brings out the taste in the buds and makes it  enjoyable to smoke. By pushing out any build up salts,fertilizer in the soil,plus ensuring that the cannabis uses up all left over nutrients so they don't end up in your beautiful green nugs.


There is three main reasons  to flush your cannabis plants

  1. Tasty Cannabis Buds- brings out the essential taste of the strain

  2. Safer smokable buds- what I mean by that is you won't have any sparks and popping when blaze one,no harsh taste or  pounding headache from smoking fertilizer stuck in the flower  

  3. More valuable buds- if you have 1-2 you will have a more value to your buds 

Now that you know why its so important to flush your cannabis plants before harvest  we will go thru the 3 step process to get some dank weed buds

Step 1:

watering cannabis plants with long watering headflush your plants 7-10 days with plain water  at a PH level of 6.0-6.5 or you can use a flushing solution that you can pick up in  your local hydroponic shop such as botanicare clearex make sure to follow the directions when mixing such solutions.


when starting the flushing process use twice the amount of water you would normally use when watering your plants or water your cannabis till the drainage is clear. this will ensure your plant will use up any left over fertilizer in the 7-10 days of flushing.

Ok you've flushed your plants for 7-10 days by now you might see some leaves turning yellow don't panic this is happens because the plant has used up most of the nutrients.

Step 2:

Don't water your plants for 1-2 days before harvest the soil should be fairly dry  but not dry enough to make the plants wilt.doing this will help speed up the drying process with out effecting the finished product.

Step 3:

harvested cannabis buds hanging in a drying roomPlan carefully where you will dry your cannabis buds before cutting your plants.

Drying will take 5-10 days all depending on temperature and humidity. Temperature should be around  68°-84°F with humidity around 50%-60% hang buds in a dark place with good airflow to avoid molds and mildews.


Never put fans directly on the buds trying to speed up the drying slower is better when drying and curing also keep harvested buds from intense light.

you will know they are evenly dry and ready to cure when the stems snaps when bent.

Best way to cure is to place in an airtight glass containers and opening them 3 times a day to let any built up moisture to escape.

When you open your container turn your buds to ensure that every side of the buds gets fresh air, they should be cured and ready to taste in 2-3 weeks.

These are the ways I get tasty cannabis buds of course every one has there own secrets techniques.

hopefully this helps you harvest some the best marijuana buds you can smoke please share this post with friends and family