Cannabis Seed Bank Online Buyers Guide Do’s and Don’t

I've heard over and over again about unsuspected growers getting stiffed by cannabis seed banks either never receiving their order of cannabis seeds or receiving old dried out seeds that never grow.

I know we can agree that you don't want to spend a $100 for ten seeds that never arrive or never grow in to a luscious green  cannabis plant,Right?

In this Article we will go thru the questions you should ask and what to look for before choosing a cannabis seed bank  to buy from and trust for your cannabis growing genetics, Plus some tips to keep you safety tips from getting busted with precious cannabis seeds.

Safety Do's And don'ts When Buying Cannabis Seeds

Buying cannabis seeds is not legal in all countries, so check your countries laws before  making a purchase please read and study these tips because they will keep you safe  keep in mind that buying cannabis seeds online can be sensitive, so follow these tips because it just  might keep you from falling into a bad situation

Do Nots

  • Do Not tell no one the KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! remember "three can keep a secret when two of them are dead"  most growers get busted from telling a friend  that spreads the word around the neighbor hood. What makes you think that the person your telling can keep their mouth shut if you can't so the best thing to do is don't say nothing to no one
  • Do Not use your personal credit card/debit card or personal e-mail even though most cannabis seed banks use discreet billing names and erase your information from their records you don't want your name and address to be somehow intercepted by spying authorities.
  • DO Not ship any  weed seeds to your address where you keep your garden or a p.o box attached to your garden address
  • Do Not  ship any order that requires a signature to be delivered or if  your circumstances absolutely require it then have some one else sign for it
  • Do Not purchase large orders of weed seeds from one cannabis seed bank but if they are the only seed bank with the strain you want do it in various different orders over time that way it don't raise any eyebrows and you have less risk of losing all the seeds if shipment is lost or confiscated
Feminized Cannabis Seeds


  • Do use a discreet payment method  like a prepaid debit card, money order or cash. you can also use a pay-pal account  when the option is available but make sure its not your personal account use a friends or a ghost one
  • Do ship your order with a real name related to the address you are sending your marijuana seeds because the mail person usually knows what name is attached to what address  and if he thinks its wrong he might send it back to shipper and you run the risk of losing the order.
  • Do send orders to someone not associated to what your are doing like a cousin,friend,girlfriend or business etc, the package is always discreet and  they don't need to know what is in it just make up a good story like you will be out of town on time of delivery and that's why your having it sent to their address or something like that
  • Do check before placing an order that the cannabis seed bank you are ordering from ships to your country and that your debit card or money order are accepted internationally or your payment will be declined

Where To Buy Weed Seeds

Here is a list of trusted cannabis seed banks that offer discreet shipping, reliable genetics that you can trust and have great customer services that I have used and always got my shipment

Paradise Seeds  hand selects its seeds and throws out premature and non fertile seeds Guarantees a 95% germination rate. they give you the genetics your read about in the description most are F1 hybrids vigorous and stable. Shipping is discreet they ship all over europe  and other countries but do not ship to the USA . you can pay by iDeal, Sofort, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, BitCoin or Cash. videos

Sensi Seeds has lots of reliable potent f1 hybrids 17 of them cannabis cup winners, ships discreetly to all countries in europe  does not ship to the usa or canada ,  its known as the #1 seed bank in the world with well tested genetics the home of Super Skunk ..  they accept only credit card,cash and bank transfer


Nirvana  offers 10 Free seeds with every order and there is no minimuim order has great customer service with email notification on shipping updates and has a wide variety to fit any budget with discreet shipping offers starter packs for outdoor and indoor etc.  they accept bitcoin, bank transfer, cash and credit cards in most countries.......they have worldwide shipping and are proud of it.   yes they ship to the USA

 Gorilla Seeds is young but reliable they offer discreet shipping with order tracker I placed an order with them and recieved my weed seeds in 7 days. world wide shipping is available including USA the offer specials with Free seeds and gear. fresh seeds and reliable genetics with 24/7 customer support


There are plenty of good cannabis seed banks out there I've gave you just my top favorite so do your research and choose wisely

What Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Cannabis Seed Bank

How long have they been in business?- A good indicator if they are a scam is  if the the seed bank just started not to say that everyone starting out is a scam but scammers often start different websites to lure cannabis buyers to pay for seeds that they never plan to deliver the way they figure is who are they going to run to so choose a well establish cannabis seed bank

Where are they located? - Location is key because they are countries  that make operating a legit cannabis seed bank impossible so beware. Most seed banks are located in the Netherlands which easy marijuana laws make it easy to run a cannabis business but there have been lots of scammers in UK so do some research before purchasing anything

What kind of cannabis do I want to grow? - When choosing a cannabis seed bank strains play a big part because you might be looking for a potent strain with medicinal strength and not all strains can be considered medicinal potency. so read the description thoroughly. Success in growing cannabis starts with genetics so choose the correct one for your grow method and needs.

Do they ship to my country? - Not all marijuana seed banks have worldwide shipping so beware before you order weed seeds because they might take your money and not ship nothing just to say customs took your stash..

If the website looks kind of shady then I would suggest the whole operation is shady and would not order and cannabis seeds from them I have left some video reviews for some of the seed banks I have recommended  CLICK HERE

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